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"Multi-layered and magical” - MOJO ★★★★★

“Exhilaratingly unconstrained approach to storytelling” - Record Collector ★★★★★

“Caroline Catz’s brilliant documentary/biopic of the electronic music pioneer is a dream like yet sharply focussed distillation of Derbyshire’s life and work” - Shindig ★★★★

“Exhilaratingly unconstrained approach to storytelling ….this is that ideal world ;but 

it’ s even better than that “ - Record Collector ★★★★★


“It feels exciting to behold a film like this at a time of abundance in music film and documentary, that is so free and boundless and so spiritually in tune with its subject.”

 The Quietus 4.5/5


 “Watching Catz as Delia create the iconic theme tune is mesmerising” 

The Quietus 4.5/5


“A fascinating insight into the life and works of a genius” 

 The Evening Standard ★★★★


“Debut director Caroline Catz’s love-strewn ode to the eponymous British “psycho-acoustic” musician, famed for composing the theme tune for Doctor Who.” 

 The Arts Newspaper


“A mesmerizing and absorbing account”

 500 Days of Film


“Catz has done a fantastic job with this film” 



“Catz has created something here that does justice to Derbyshire’s work and life whilst also feeling like an artwork.”



 “I loved the dramatized sections of the film. The actors are brilliant, my favourite being Catz herself” - Joyzine

“A conceptual and atmospheric journey into the legacy and character of the music composer sound pioneer.” - Trebuchet

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